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Lewisham Arthouse Open Studios
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Posted by: petewebb, on 07/10/2013, in category "Special events, concerts & parties"
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Lewisham Arthouse is home to 30 artists studios and is situated in the old Deptford Library building in Lewisham Way. Many of the artists have been producing work from these studios for over 15 years. For more about the Arthouse visit

There are Three Boroughs members and ex-members involved in this community. Shirley Stewart has contributed many years and much work to this collective and I believe we should be supporting our members in their endeavours.

 Shirley in her studio  Clay Xmas decorations


 Shirley's ceramics  More from Shirley

 Another artist from the Three Boroughs membership is Alison Day. Alison has also been at the Arthouse for over 10 years and is involved in the workshops available at the venue. A Three Boroughs member for many years, Alison's studio contains a variety of work, including botanical drawings.

 Alison in her studio  Botanical drawing

Here is a selection of work from other artists that I enjoyed on my travel around the three floors of this impressive building.

These pictures don't really convey the art very well but I hope the artists, including Toby Rye (glitter) Janine Nelson (smashing chintz) and Sara Willet, will forgive me. It's important to remeber that art makes people powerful. Support your local artists.

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User Feedback
Comment posted by alison day on 08 October 2013 11:09
Thanks for doing this peter, although I think I look as worn out as I felt on the day! The articale is very positive so thanks for boosting the arthouse and its members, and your right Art does make people powerful , wish more local people realise this and took advantage of what the arthouse has to offer.
Comment posted by willis on 09 October 2013 15:07
You are right - Art is a powerful medium that empowers people. Co-operatives are also very empowering - the success of such bodies is dependent on active participation!
Comment posted by Alison Day on 30 June 2015 16:14
Hi Is this site still active? I took a look but cant bring up images I doing something wrong? If you could fill me in I would be grateful.

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