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8 Studios from here
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Posted by: petewebb, on 06/10/2013, in category "Special events, concerts & parties"
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Summary: An artist led exhibition incorporating work from 8 studios within the Deptford area.

 The 8 studios involved in this exhibition at Faircharm were: ACME, APT, Arthub, Cockpit Arts, Creekside Artists, Lewisham Arthouse, The Old Police Station and Tidemill Studios. The private viewing I attended on Thursday 03/10/13 included work from Three Boroughs Management Committee member Brigitte Parusel.

Order/Random by Brigitte Parusel

 As there were 37 works displayed in the main room and others elsewhere, it would be unfair to comment on individual items. Alison Day, another Three Boroughs member, was also featured. For more about Alison and her work, check out the article on the Arthouse Open studios.

 Captivity by Chrissie Stewart  The Ferrier Estate by Sam Kemp

 The exhibition as a whole, I found interesting and uplifting. There is a thriving artistic community in the heart of South London and the variety of materials being used to create these works is astonishing. Paper, Acrylic, Oil painting, Iron filings, plaster and wood are just some of the materials used. 

 The closed-up house by Jane Lydbury  Forest Fears Vol.1 Storm Damage No.4 by Sally Waterman

2013 has been a difficult year for Deptford X, with reduced funding and studios disappearing due to redevelopment but the artistic community will continue to thrive as long as the public is interested in art. Support your local artists.

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