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Hexagon Housing Association Co-op Seminar
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Posted by: petewebb, on 10/05/2013, in category "Special events, concerts & parties"
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Summary: Managing Agents Seminar

This seminar was attended by several Three Boroughs members, including our Chair, Dermot Finn. After a welcome speech from Brian Hughes (Resident Involvement Director), Chris Melville (Operations Director) gave a presentation on the challenges of Universal Credit. As managing agents, it will be our responsibility to ensure our members are prepared for welfare reform and sytems are in place to aid them when needed.

Cordelia Roque from Kirkdale Co-operative, followed with a presentation called Understanding Rent Arrears. Universal Credit is being piloted in six areas, including Southwark. Since the pilot started (July 2012), 10% of the 850 tenants taking part, have had their benefit payment switched back to the landlord because of difficulties in keeping up with their rent payments.

After a short break, Jon Cross (Property Services Manager) delivered a presentation entitled Green & Sustainable. This is to encourage all partners to raise awareness among our members on green issues. Energy efficiency, water saving and recycling are three areas we can educate our members and improve our carbon footprint..

Mark Allan (chair of the Co-op's Forum) gave a very brief presentation on the future of the Co-op's forum, due to time constraint.  The relatively small turnout for this event has caused Hexagon to question its validity but Mark insisted that it is a very valuable resource.

Brian Hughes gave a brief summation before closing the meeting.

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