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Web site presentation
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Posted by: willis, on 18/07/2013, in category "Special events, concerts & parties"
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Summary: This is a report of the web site presentation meeting that was held at the c-op offices on June 10th.


This is a report of the web site presentation meeting that was held at the co-op offices on June 10th. The meeting was attended by most management committee members. After an introduction from Anna, Dermot and Pete, gave an hour long presentation to the group explaining the work of the web site subcommittee and how that has manifested itself online.
The co-op has had a web site presence for some time now, but the need to review the website, became apparent after a number of problems were reported to the management committee. Subsequently, a subcommittee was formed to address the issues of web site functionality and security. Over the past year this subcommittee has met a number of times. It was initially decided that the need to thoroughly test the existing site and log any problems or anomalies should be prioritised. As testing went ahead, any thoughts as to how the site could be improved were noted for future versioning.

web-presentaion2After having corrected these problems, the group decided that it would be appropriate for a presentation to be given to the management committee - outlining work to date. After Anna summarised the intent of the meeting, Pete delivered an overview of the existing sites layout and structure. Pete then gave an overview of the “dynamic” parts of the site that allow for users, who have registered with the site, the ability to contribute online content. Pete also then went on show how users can navigate the site, either via the main navigation on the left hand side, or via the “footer”, located at the bottom of the site. He also explained how the sites “breadcrumb” functions, illustrating that user can always traverse backwards to the home page from wherever they are within the site.

The rest of the presentation was given over to Dermot who explained the different “states” users of the site may have. A user can be anonymous (meaning that they are not logged in whilst browsing the site), or they can web presentation3be a registered site user. It was explained that these different “states” determine the content that is displayed to a user. Using a screen projector Dermot illustrated to the group, how an online user would register and login to the site. Depending on a user’s status, he then went on to show the differing content that is available for display, via the sites forum. A test user was created, who checked a box in their user profile to indicate that they wished to be recognised as a member of the co-op (i.e. the user is officially recognised as a member after having been successfully interviewed via the new members committee). Dermot then illustrated the process of how an administrator would, using the sites admin control panel, update the status of the test user so that this request is reflected in their profile.

Other “dynamic” areas of the site, such as the “Polls” and the “newsletter” sections were also considered, before general questions from the group were fielded. The response from those in attendance was positive, and a number of suggestions were given as to how the site could be improved for the future. All of these points were taken on board as constructive criticism, for the web site subcommittee to consider. It was deemed that improvement to the sites graphical layout should be of primary importance, since the site should reflect the look and feel of a contemporary website.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those attended the presentation, and particularly thank Pete, Anna, Dermot and Quintin, who have put a lot of their time and effort into the website subcommittee.

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